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 What is a Development Program?

 A Development Program is a live training solution developed through our ”Compass” methodology (which considers client’s particular Environment, Objectives, Needs, Video-recorded Excercises, Reinforcement, and On-demand Web-based training review) we train and generate the positive behavioral change of the participants, that surges from the new acquired skills

 What is Webcast?

 Webcast is a “On demand video” course you can access through the Web, that includes the video of the instructor, the slides of the course, as well as the possibility to set bookmarks, and take modular and course evaluations, and the instructor e-mail for Q&A.

 What is a Special Development Program?

 A Special Development Program is developed from scratch, from a special client request, and the resulting Developmen Program, might be client exclusive, or for general use of Profitable Skills, depending on the clients request

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