At “Profitable Skills” our main objective is to cooperate with our clients in achieving their goals, by developing their people.

To do so, we develop client tailored made solutions, through the use of our methodology; “Compass” which aligns the client strategy, to the pursued objectives, their current, and desired situation, to then develop or adequate a “Development Program”

Our Development Programs differ from traditional courses, because we focus on developing new skills, and making sure they stay over the long term, as the new way of professional behavior of our clients, to then, achieve the pursed goals.


Our methodology includes the following differentiating elements, that allow the permanent change, in the professional behavior of our clients.

Design Stage

  • Client meetings, to better understand their Mission, Vision, Strategy, and Objectives, their current and desired situations, as well as setting the Program objectives, and scope.
  • Development Program Design
  • Tailored made Development Program Construction

 Training Stage

  • Training; Theory and interaction with the Program assistants
  • Video-recorded exercises, to simulate real professional situations, the assistants will face in their real day-to-day job
  • Exercises feedback
  • Training reinforcement Session, 30 days after concluding the training
  • On-demand Webcast Training review, to allow the participants to continue their training as they need
  • Suggested additional Program Development Path, to continue the developing in new areas.

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