Who we are

Profitable Skills has its origin in 1992, as a response to some clients’ request to our founder, Salomon Arrache, when he was a IBM Sales Representative, to develop a tailored made solution that would answer their, until then, unsatisfied training needs.

Since those days, he develops and trains clients in search of “Consultative Training” tailored made to their needs and expectations.

Our objective and differentiator resides in the development and tailoring of our Development Programs, according to our clients Mission, Vision, Objectives and Strategies, and turning the newly acquired knowledge into new “Profitable Skills” to continue over the long term, benefiting both; themselves and the company.

 To do so, we build every Development Program considering the following elements: 

  • Client Strategy (Mission, Vision, Values, and Objectives)
  • Training Objectives
  • Video-recorded exercises and feedback, and 
  • Participants interaction, sharing their day-by-day experiences as they go through the training sessions and apply their new skills in the real world, based on the training Theoretical-Visual, Simulated-live-exercises, and Real-life-experiences.
  • Reinforcement session, 30 days after the training ending.
  • On-demand Web-based training review

Our system, has allowed us to develop Win-Win relationships with our clients.

Our Mission, Vision, and Values are:

Mission; Our reason to be

Provide our clients with tailored made solutions of consultative training, to develop their team on competitive advantages that separate them from their competitors, to achieve their objectives, allowing us to earn their trust to grow together.

Vision; our dream

Be a key partner of our clients, in the development of their team members, so their enterprises become more prosperous, to generate a positive economic growth, that contributes to a better life quality of all human beings.

Values; our foundations, and Beliefs

  • Ethics as our bedrock
  • Before selling anything, we need to know our client
  • Our solutions are tailored made to our clients needs and goals
  • We don’t give courses, we train and develop, generating a positive and permanent behavioral change, in the participants.
  • We strive to achieve long term relationships of mutual benefit with all our clients
  • Our clients are our best promoters
  • We make “Friends”

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